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AI opportunities for the future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is said to be one of the most disruptive technologies impacting several industries and businesses.

Researchers and practitioners compare the emergence of AI with the industrial revolution of the last century. AI comprises of a set of technologies that will change business as we know it.

More and more tasks will be automated, but the largest impact will follow from brand-new business models and the rise of intelligent services that did not exist before.

Here we highlight 5 exemplary business opportunities enabled by use of AI. We provide these examples to have a discussion around questions such as:

  • What does incorporating AI in your business offer?

  • What value can be delivered by AI?

  • How can you measure the value of AI?

We know that impact of AI can be expressed in different ways, e.g. as as in below:

Cost reduction: High level of intelligent automation in call centers for insurers.

Optimal service efficiency: Efficiency in healthcare by reducing contact moments between patients and general practitioners (iChatbots to perform triage and Q&As).

New flows of revenue: Cross-sell and up-sell of products in e-commerce via intelligent recommendation systems and via high-level of personalization.

Customer satisfaction: New services such as grocery shops providing health advise to customers.

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