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Taking Action: Blue Prism COVID-19 Response Program

How Blue Prism is Helping

Blue Prism’s COVID-19 Response Program has initiated dozens of projects, where donated Digital Workers and services are assisting on the front lines of the health emergency, across many sectors. We are making donated licenses and resources available to healthcare, government, education, and financial services organizations and non-profits in immediate need of our technology for public benefit to help fight COVID-19. The program is ideally suited for:

  • Healthcare organizations involved with patient scheduling, remote physician consultations, logistics and supply management, vaccine research, workforce planning, and other front-line healthcare needs.

  • Public sector organizations involved with community protection, law enforcement, public safety and workforce management.

  • Financial service institutions dealing with unprecedented demand on call centers, loan processing, etc. resulting from government-mandated initiatives. The program is not intended for facilitating projects that serve normal commercial operational or customer services practices.

Continue reading here https://www.blueprism.com/covid-19-blue-prism-response/

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