2 weeks

Intelligent Automation

2 weeks

Implement automated processes to emulate human decision-making, interactions,

and judgments and discover new opportunities to drive results at every level of your business

$1200 p/p

AI for Business

2 weeks

Embedding AI at the core of the enterprise to break down silos, create more agile and adaptive processes, enable better decision making, and empower your busines to identify and capture completely new opportunities at speed and scale

$750 p/p

Predictive Modeling

5 days

Use predictive modeling to help deliver

deeper insights to enable more effective decision making

$750 p/p

Cognitive Analytics

2 weeks

 Modernize your analytics and data using next generation cloud-enabled platforms and

big data architectures to enable analytics and AI-powered organizations

$750 p/p

Digital Transformation

2 weeks

Apply practical strategies to improve efficiency, power new products and services, enable new business models, and blur the boundaries between industries

$750 p/p

Cloud Security

4 weeks

Apply appropriate controls to protect

the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the systems and protect cloud data at rest,

in transit and in use

$1600 p/p